Job Application Tips For Entry-Level Roles

For new graduates, and those seeking a career change, the battle through an extremely competitive job market is all too real. We are bombarded with ads for positions that offer disappointing salaries and little to no benefits. Companies are overworking their employees and this combined with inadequate earnings leads to dissatisfaction in the workplace.

You’re Not Alone

In the current situation, job application can be a difficult task, but aiming to start even for entry level roles can appear near-impossible. The competition is huge and you need to find some way to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of your potential employer.

Consider your formal education as the cornerstone of your future career, and as something to build on. When you finish college, you are not a well-formed expert in your area, you’re a beginner in your field and you have a lot to learn. Many candidates are disregarded because they feel that their diploma guarantees them a managerial position from the get go and this could not be further from the truth.

Better Ways To Approach A Job Application

You need to invest time and energy to better yourself and to demonstrate the ways in which you’re the ideal candidate. Let’s explore some options that people who are new to the job market can do to boost their chances to secure an interview.


Having Internship experience in your chosen area will demonstrate your passion for your chosen career path.


Are there any extra-curricular courses you can take alongside your studies? This can expand your knowledge and show an employer that you have a genuine interest in the subject matter.

Summer Jobs and Volunteer Roles

A part-time jobs working at a local store will prove to your potential employer that you are a responsible person with a good work ethic, be sure to add previous experiences to your resume.

Resume and Cover Letter

A high quality resume submitted with a concise cover letter are the documents that are key in getting invited to interview. As a fresh graduate, your resume should clearly demonstrate the skills you’ve gained throughout your studies and extra-curricular experiences. Be concise and precise. Don`t be too descriptive. A recruiter needs to know exactly what can he expect you to be able to do from your resume.

Time Keeping and Presentation

Turn up to an interview early and well-dressed, presenting yourself as a viable representative of the company and its values.


Many managers argue that young candidates today have terrible communication skills. Practice at home, invite friends to test presentations. While in the interview make sure you speak clearly, to the point and try to keep a good sentence flow, everything should be as natural as possible.

Interview Preparation

Prior to going to the interview, consider practicing at home. Talk about the points that are stated in your resume, try to have answers predetermined and have a friend question you.


It truly is tough out there today and I hope that this article helps to all of you who are at the beginning of your professional careers! If you decide you wish to seek professional help with your resume, check out our service packages or contact us for inquiries.

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