How do I create a cover letter for a resume?

Alongside an outstanding resume, creating a successful cover letter remains an essential part of any job application. The key reason is that it acts as an introduction. Potential employers and hiring managers may have seen your online profile, and now they have your resume, but they haven’t yet heard anything directly from you.

A resume cover letter helps by introducing you as a candidate and offers an explanation as to why you’re the ideal candidate for the role – but knowing how to write a cover letter to send alongside a resume doesn’t automatically equate to a successful application.

Learning how to create a cover letter is just the starting point, the real question is: How “you” is your cover letter in relation to the job you’re applying for?

How to write a cover letter that grabs attention

Submitting a cover letter also offers the opportunity to get your personality across. Unlike your resume, which focuses on business achievements, your cover letter should capture what makes you tick – and show that your passion and purpose is aligned with your potential employer.

Delivering a concise, relevant cover letter for a job application can be difficult to pull off, and that’s where we come in.

We are the best cover letter creators

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