5 Signs You Might Need a Career Change

Getting a job is a good thing because we all need a source of income to make both ends meet. However, there are times that you might realize that you should be doing something else. And more or less, this is the result of your passion. But knowing when the right time to give up on your current job is another thing, and you should take it seriously.

A clear, long-term job has plenty of benefits stored for all of us. However, life doesn’t always follow a straight path. One day, you might be surprised upon knowing that you are heading for a zigzag road ahead. This in turn would heavily affect other aspects of your life, particularly your health, relationship, and worst, your emotional well-being.

There are many reasons why you want to shift to another career. It might be because of the stress involved with your job. Maybe you can no longer stand the toxic environment you have. Whatever the reasons, you still have to ask yourself many times if now is the right time to look for another job.

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if it’s the right time for a career change, or maybe all your need is just simply sorted yourself out and just let the storm pass by.

Careful consideration should be given to this matter since we all know that getting a job nowadays is not that easy. To help you out in knowing when is the right time “to shift to another dimension”, here are the 5 signs you might need a career change.


Your career won’t allow you to focus on the things you want in life

Does your current job allow you to focus on your priorities in life? It is of utmost importance to know what matters most to you. You should consider your priorities since more or less, your focus is to build a life around those things.

No one is perfectly happy all the time, and that is normal, especially when the topic is about a personal career. Yet the world inside of you continuously sends the signal of frustration, desperation, and lack of focus, then it is probably the right time to start a new career search.

It is helpful to accept the circumstances your current job brings. But allowing the realities in life to intercede along the way would allow you to get a fulfilling career path.

If you think that the current path in your career doesn’t allow you to focus on things that matter most to you, then it is time to consider a career change.



Your current job is impacting your morale

Sad to say, this happens most of the time. Ironically, some people stay on their job that make them feel bad about themselves. Regardless of what your salary is, being stuck in this kind of situation will eventually lead to a serious impact on your self-esteem. Do not forget that a fulfilling career should enhance your confidence and emotional well-being, and not the other way around.

However, there are times that talking about your career seems tough. People might have stopped talking about it because they are already aware that you are not proud of your answer. As a result, they started to ignore you because of your lack of interest in talking about yourself and your job. They might even think that you are not interested in talking to them.

Worst, there might be cases in which you have tried to suppress that feeling about your job so much that it started to have a negative impact on your health, not just on the physical aspect but on your emotional well-being as well. This would only ignite your feeling of being less competent, frustrated, and uninspired, leading to being wanting “something new”.

Don’t wait for this scenario to happen to you. If you feel that you are being ignored by your colleagues, or you feel less worthy, then it is probably the right time for another job search.


You are envious of people who love their careers.

Have you ever felt jealous when you heard other people talk about their jobs and how much they love their current careers? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself squarely what you are jealous about? Is it their flexible time, or their specific job role? Or maybe it is about the company that they work for.

Sometimes, this whimsical kind of attitude is the result of not realizing from the very start that dream career is just like an optical illusion in the world of employment. Once we reached the sweet spot we thought, we would only discover that it is not what we expected before. As a result, we keep on searching a little way up ahead until we become thirsty and eventually leads to convince ourselves that we are not worthy of our present jobs, and vice versa.

Whatever the reason you have, the only clear thing is that you are on the verge of shifting your career. Change the subjective way of viewing your current job. And if you still feel the same, then a new job search is worth considering.


You feel like you’re always tired

Do you have that restless feeling about your job? Perhaps you are so excited and enjoyed your job for the past months or years, and it may seem that you appreciate what you have. However, as time passes by, you feel like you want to try something new in your life, especially in your career.

Do you feel this heavy, drained energy kind of feeling that starts at the beginning and lasts until the end of the working hours? Or how about getting sick more often than before? These are signs of an unhappy career.

They crawl up slowly, almost invisible. And then you would start wondering if they are just normal for someone getting older, or if they mean something else.

Don’t blame yourself for having such a kind of feeling. There are certain things that you can do to overcome it. If at any point you are feeling restless, try to learn something new such as subjects that interest you. If there is something that you are excited about, you can dig and dive deeper into that subject and learn more about it. Learning a new skill that would enhance your life is also a great way to overcome the feeling of being restless.

But if you’ve already tried doing these things and still feel the same, it might be better to explore other careers. Remember, life is too short to waste time and regret something in your later years.


You are dreaming of a different career

Perhaps this is the most obvious reason why you need a career change in your life. If you are spending your time daydreaming while sitting at your office desk, and searching for jobs on Google, then it’s the right time.

More often than not, we ask ourselves, “Does my current job permit me to make a positive impact in the world I live in?” If you think there is still a specific difference that you want your job is lacking, then think of a career path that will

If you are doing this way, it only means that you are making another job search, and it might make you feel super excited. As a result, you lack enthusiasm and energy to perform your current job because of the excitement that one day, you’ll be able to find another career that is right for you.

Sometimes, re-evaluating yourself as to why you got into that kind of work you currently have will help you assess whether shifting to another job is necessary or not.


Final words

To be honest, if you are starting to ask yourself if this is the right time to make a career change, then most probably it is indeed the right time to make a career change. If you possess this kind of doubt, then it only means that you are no longer experiencing fulfillment in your present work.

We can’t deny the fact that every career has its own ups and downs. Unless you appreciate your work and still feels gratification from it, you will not be continuously motivated to overcome any challenges. As a result, there is no sense of fulfillment and accomplishment on your part.

Tough periods and stressful days are inevitable. But being tougher than them is a great fit.

If those are the kind of feelings that you wish to experience with your current job, but not getting into it, then the time has come to shift your focus to a career that you can consider as a gratifying one. An average of 90,000 hours of yours will be spent at work.

So, isn’t it more than reason enough to spend those hours with a career that excites you and fulfill your dreams in life?

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