Should I Hire A Resume Writer

Your resume is the most important document in the search for a new role, hiring a professional to complete the process for you can be hugely beneficial. The following reasons cover some of the most important aspects of choosing to source a resume writing service:   Get results At least one application in ten should […]

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Applying for Entry-Level Roles

For new graduates, and those seeking a career change, the battle through an extremely competitive job market is all too real. We are bombarded with ads for positions that offer disappointing salaries and little to no benefits, the trend globally is to cut costs as much as possible. Companies are overworking their employees and this […]

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Improving Your Interview Skills

So, your resume and cover letter got you through the initial application phases, and you have been invited for an interview. Now you need to prepare. No matter if you are an entry-level applicant hunting for your first job or you are a seasoned industry veteran looking for a career move and a new challenge, […]

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The Importance of a Cover Letter

Cover letters, most people don`t like writing them and when they do, they’re never the focus of the application. A lot of people believe that the cover letter has lost its relevance today and are reluctant to input time and effort into its creation. The cover letter is as important as it was ever been […]

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