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When the order is placed a separate page is generated, through this, you can upload your previous resume, along with any additional information you wish to include, concerns you may have, and career preferences.

We have a dedicated team of writers, who currently work in International Recruitment, giving them an up to date knowledge on resume trends and cross-industry demands. In addition, we've written over 20,000 resumes, gaining outstanding reviews from a diverse clientele.

We work with new graduates on a daily basis, helping to shape resumes to gain entry-level positions, internships, and access to further education.

Technical positions make up the largest portion of our workload, across both freelance recruitment and resume writing, We’re familiar with employer requirements from entry to senior level, and offer a vast knowledge of related keywords and terminology.

We work with clients undergoing a career transition regularly. We review your current resume, taking transferable skills and applying them to a new career path to offer the best chance of getting your foot in the door.

We can't distribute clients personal documents as they contain sensitive information, we offer a guarantee that your resume won't be shared as a sample. I am however happy for you to take a look at my personal LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-lawrence/

You can find the available turnaround times, and express options outlined at the point of sale. If you need an even quicker service, feel free to drop me a message to confirm my availability.

We offer high-quality Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn products, designed to get you the job of your dreams. We pride ourselves on helping individuals make an immediate, lasting impression on hiring managers, highlighting your strengths and creating outstanding application documents.

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