Are You Considering Changing Careers Due to the Coronavirus?

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused high levels of uncertainty for everyone in at least some aspect of their lives. Whether it’s our health, our jobs, or the trajectory of the situation in general, we’re all craving a little more predictability in our lives than usual. Yet, for many of us, the coronavirus has brought an unexpected opportunity to examine our current situation and contemplate a career change. As people experience job insecurity and even layoffs, now is the perfect time to assess your current standing. While it can seem frightening to be considering such a major change during this time, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you examine your career and start making moves in a new direction if you decide you’re ready for a change, from the first question you should ask yourself to the moment you hire professional resume writing to seal the deal.


Assess Your Current Career Situation

Once you end up following a certain path, it’s natural to continue down that path — as physics states, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Due to the coronavirus, much of that forward motion has been brought to an unexpected halt. While the difficulty and fear of possibly losing a job or already having lost income can consume our thoughts, sometimes a forced halt provides us with the pause we need to reevaluate and consider that previously ignored desire for a career change.

If you’re ready to examine your current path and whether another path might suit you better, here’s what you need to ask yourself.


Do you still feel passion and excitement in your current career? 

If you rarely have a moment of pride in your work or feel enthusiasm when talking about your job to other people, it’s a good sign that a career change will do you a world of good. It’s important to find work that speaks to and draws out your strong qualities, whether that’s working with and relating to people or being highly organized and analytical. Your job should still inspire some passion with you and not have you dreading Monday mornings.


Does your current career trajectory feel like its hit a wall? 

A telltale sign that it’s time for a change is the feeling of stagnation. Not only does feeling like there’s not ladder left to climb stunt your ability to continue growing and honing your skills in that field, but it also has grave effects on your mental and emotional health. Humans have an innate need to feel like they’re moving forward in life. If your birthdays and the accomplishments of your friends are more likely to inspire envy and dread in you than communal celebration, it’s a strong indication that you’ve hit a wall in your current position and would likely be able to thrive by changing careers.


Is your current situation stable enough to support a major change? 

One of the hard aspects of making a career change is the transition period itself, not learning the ropes in a new field. It’s important to consider whether your current situation lends itself to a smooth transition. However, not every change in life can occur under the perfect circumstances — sometimes a little faith and ingenuity are necessary.

Overall, you’ll be better positioned to make that change if you have some money in your savings account and a support system to lean on during the uncertain moments where you’ll need to talk through some of the self-doubts with an empathetic partner or friend. Make sure you’ve got the system in place to help you make the change, whether that’s knowing the protocol for quitting your current job or lining up professional resume writing services. If you’ve already lost your current income due to the coronavirus, considering your savings and quitting protocol will certainly hold less weight, as fate has forced your hand. Don’t worry, though — many times life gives us push we need before we realize we’re ready.


How to Make that Career Change Happen

If you know it’s time for a change and you’re prepared to take that leap, the next step is the most exciting — picking your new path. When deciding which direction to go in, there are a few important factors to consider. Making a career change is certainly a big step, but if you break this effort down into smaller steps, from considering your options to locating possible jobs, and finding professional resume writing, the change will feel much more doable. Here’s how to get started on making the big switch.


Be Open to Options

You might already have a good idea about what paths you’d like to take up after leaving your old career behind. Now is the time to explore those options before officially making the change and settling on a singular path. Test everything that catches your interest, whether it’s baking, teaching, medicine, or truck driving — do research on your possible options and find ways to get a taste of what an everyday job in that field would be. Volunteering and documentaries are both great tools for getting a deeper understanding of a new career.


Consider Your Skills and Interests

If you’ve honed in on several possible options that catch your eye and done enough research to know they’re viable candidates for you, your next step is to put them to the test of fitting your personality. The best jobs will energize you and make your work feel more like play; that means, you’ll want to stay engaged in the subject and continue learning or going the extra mile not just for the pay but because the work is intrinsically interesting to you.

It’s also vital to consider where your unique skills lay. Different people excel at different tasks and understanding your personality, whether you’re highly detail-oriented, introverted, charismatic, or analytical will give you key signs to what jobs will best fit your skills. Taking a personality quiz that lines up your personality traits with fields that best utilize them can help you get a good foundation from which to build on when considering a career change.


Prepare the Tools

You’ve narrowed down your list of options and finally made the choice. Now you’re ready to go full steam ahead into your new career but wait — set yourself up to win and make the smoothest transition possible by giving yourself the right tools.


Practice the Pitch

It may have been a while since you’ve done a job interview, so just as with all things, practice will set you ahead of the pack. Find a friend or partner who’s willing to conduct several mock interviews with you till you feel like you could give an astounding interview in your sleep. Find practice questions online and sample interviews so you’ll be prepared for anything your new employer might throw at you.


Get the Tools

There’s no better way to increase your odds of making a successful career change than by investing in a strong resume. Think of your resume as an extension of your very self — it’s the first thing employers will see and it’s what will leave the strongest impression on them, ultimately making the difference between whether they host an interview with you or not. Hiring a professional resume writing service will make your resume stand out from the stack on a hiring manager’s desk. Here at My Star Resumes, we’re happy to help you make the shift to a new career by getting your resume into winning shape.

If you’re contemplating changing jobs due to the coronavirus, you’re not alone. For many people, the job insecurity created by our current situation has brought on the perfect opportunity to consider a new path altogether. When you’re ready to make the change to your dream career, we’ll be there right with you to provide the tools you need to succeed.

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