How to Get Hired Faster

It is no surprise that this pandemic caused millions of people to lose their jobs. With the lockdown, it is an opportunity to contemplate strategies and the next career move. Thus, there is also no best time than today to update your resume or hire a professional resume writer.

In this era, the competition also becomes tougher. There can be many reasons why your job searching is failing during COVID-19, but let us count the ways on how you can bounce back and get that job faster:

Be Specific on Your Target.

When looking for a new job, time is gold. Even if you are in a rush to find a job, applying for many roles, you are not interested in is considered wasting time. It does not mean that you should be choosy. Rather, it is better to devote your time to apply for jobs you would undoubtedly enjoy and succeed at.

It is recommended to research the employer and the working environment of the company to see if it fits your preference. LinkedIn is an excellent source of industry trends and company information. With a clearer target at hand, it is easier to strategize and work towards it.

Use Your Network.

Fill your days utilizing your network. Although not physically because of the pandemic, socialize and explore the different possibilities of using technology. Social media nowadays makes it possible to reach even more people.

One of the most essential networking channels every job-seekers must have is LinkedIn, where you can display crucial sections of a resume and, with the LinkedIn Resume Builder, can generate a resume by using the existing data that can save you plenty of time. Click here if you want to know how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

Write a Powerful Cover Letter.

A resume must come with a cover letter highlighting your expertise and providing additional information about your experiences and skills. Do you know that a manager spends only 5 seconds on a cover letter? Making sure your cover letter is effective is essential to increase that level of attention.

Avoid writing long paragraphs with unnecessary information. Instead, make sure it includes a concise summary hitting the right points that will make you stand out amongst others.

Create a job-specific resume.

Now that you have your target companies and an outstanding cover letter, the next pawn move is to write a compelling resume. Focusing on that particular job, highlight the skills and experiences that cater to that position on your resume.

It is always worth studying the job description before tailor-making and sending your resume. Then optimize your resume by putting in the right keywords, which can be a job, profession, and industry-specific skills. If you want to save your time and effort and increase your chance of getting hired fast by your dream company, hire a professional resume writer near you.

Feature a volunteer work or passion project during a gap.

Do not leave the non-working gaps in your working history blank. It will only make the employer think that you are not reliable.

You may put in a one-liner explanation, say, for example, you need to take care of your children or an elderly in need. Or it can state that you volunteered in the community or worked on a passion project. It is better to be upfront than to hide employment gaps.

If you get asked about the gaps during an interview, you can also say that you were being selective and would instead find the best fit for the long term than being desperate to accept the first job that comes across.

Prepare for the interview.

First impressions last, and if you want a great to leave a good impression making the employers ask for more, then one step is dressing for the position you are targeting. When employers sense that you are well prepared for the world, they develop respect and take more interest.

When answering questions, there is no need to fake it because managers can detect rehearsed and ingenuine answers to interviews. Avoid saying what you think they want to hear, and instead, be proactive and share real stories of situations in the past when your skills really stood out.

One of the overlooked mistakes of a job hunter is bad-mouthing a previous or current employer. Avoid speaking badly about people because the words you say, say more about you than the people you are talking about. 

Being invited to an interview is also a chance for you to ask the company further questions about what you want to know. Show your interest by jotting down notes when the interviewer talks about their company.

Click here for further tips on how to beat interview anxiety.

The Power of a Follow-Up Email.

A day to a week after an interview, sending a follow-up email can increase your hiring chances. What it can entail is first, thanking them for the opportunity, and once again highlighting your skills, how it can help the company, and your enthusiasm to work with them. It can also state some points that you talked about during the session. You can also include in the email if there is something you forgot to say or want to highlight during the interview,

If, in case, you haven’t heard from them after sending the follow-up email, it is time to send a checking-in email. This can be a shorter email indicating your interest in the job, and you want to know if there is an update.

Finding a job, especially in the pandemic, is complex and arduous, with employers getting more selective and competition getting tougher than ever. But with the right assistance and guidance of a resume writer near you, you can land your dream job as quickly as possible.

My Star Resumes consist of an expert team of writers dedicated to helping you tailor an effective resume and cover letter, as well as an SEO optimized LinkedIn profile, that will make you stand out to potential employers.

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