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Why You Should Never Neglect Your LinkedIn Profile

Applying for jobs, especially this year has been tough with competition and recession going hand in hand. Stand out from your competition by building a compelling LinkedIn Profile that can get you hired instantly. Whether you are looking for a new job, building a brand, or reaching out to potential clients, having a well-built LinkedIn profile is essential. If you need help with this, check out our resume writing services.

LinkedIn is a powerhouse with over 600 million professional profiles, making it the largest business-oriented networking website. With it, you can create a profile and resume in one, making it the perfect site for network connections and job opportunities. It is one of the top sites to hunt potential employees, because recruiters find its layout and system to read. For employees? There’s the LinkedIn Resume Builder which is useful too!

From the recruiter’s point of view, all it takes is one look at your LinkedIn profile, and they will know right away if you are right for the job or not.  A LinkedIn profile serves as an online resume that shows your capabilities in your industry. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Here, we listed the reasons why you should start working on your LinkedIn Profile right now:

  •         It helps you grow your professional brand.

Each professional has their own story to tell that highlights your unique strengths. How do you stand out from your competitors? What do you want to be known for?

A LinkedIn profile can help demonstrate one’s knowledge, skills and talents. There is a section that features books you authored or courses you created. Through writing articles, you can establish your knowledge on a topic. Or you can also join LinkedIn groups with your target audiences – these are great places to get involved with by discussing information intelligently.


Based on what you post and what your connections say about you, you are establishing a firm foundation that will open new doors. And that’s a good sign for your career!


  •         You can gain exposure to recruiters.

From a PR’s perspective, whenever we look for new candidates, a well-written LinkedIn profile can easily impress and certainly adds points.

Recruiters often search for keywords related to the role they need, so it’s essential to feature industry terms on your profile. Consult a professional resume near you that can help you spot this crucial information. A certified resume writer can do wonders to your profile.

When recruiters search your name on Google, the first link that comes in is your LinkedIn Profile. And it has to be outstanding. Having an outstanding LinkedIn profile can mean that you care about your professional brand and you are willing to allocate time in improving how future recruiters think about you. When a recruiter checks your profile, our detail-oriented eyes look for answers to the question: why you should get hired. If your LinkedIn profile answers this question, the chance of us hiring you is high!


  •         It can help you reach out to potential customers.

LinkedIn allows you to join community groups with the same interest and industry as yours. Not many people are comfortable in networking face to face, but your LinkedIn profile can say a lot of things about you.

Here, you can offer your services and promote your products. When you continuously provide informative posts, you can get leads from potential customers that will eventually turn into sales.


  •         You can establish professional connections.

That’s true! If you are an introvert who hates to talk or prepare for a networking event that can go on for hours, a LinkedIn profile can do the talking, walking and networking for you. It may not be necessary to update your profile every day but put enough content that establishes your reputation.

You will never know who can accept your invite. It can be your past colleagues, future employers. It can be anyone from the Fortune 500 executives! There is also an option to see who views your profile, which can be a conversation starter. Start reaching out!


  •         A well-written profile can foster meaningful LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn shows other professional profiles of the same interest. You can connect with them by commenting on their posts and sending a message to them. These actions show that you are interested in what they do and that you care about them.

Eventually, when you nurtured the connection enough, they can do the same for you. Together, you can build a real professional relationship after establishing trust with each other. Next time you offer your services, they can be your first customers. Or, if not, ambassadors of your brand.


  •         It prepares you for the inevitable.

Let’s admit it. The current company you are working with can close down with a flick of an eye. When will the next recession hit? What if you suddenly have to change career? These are dreadful questions we have to face. You don’t want to wait until then before you start building your profile and hunt for a new job. A LinkedIn profile needs to be updated as it prepares you for the inevitable.

Apart from letting people find you on LinkedIn, it is also a tool that allows you to read news from your connections, other businesses and industries. Stay up to date on openings by researching companies. Find people with similar interests by checking industry’s hashtags.

LinkedIn also has a user-friendly app that makes it easier to update than a paper resume. But what if life gets and you find it not easy to update your profile?

Make sure to find a certified resume writer that can help you with your career goals. Investing in a resume writer can work wonders in your career. These are extra pair of expert eyes that can update your profile. These are professionals with tried and tested approaches towards profile building so they will know the best ways to make your profile effective.

Once you are done with updating your profile, you can then use the LinkedIn Resume Builder. It uses existing data on your profile that can be downloaded as a PDF.

If there is one social networking site you have to nurture, make it LinkedIn. Your career will go a long way!

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